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Property Management

Constitution of Communities

We take care of all the procedures for the constitution of a Community of Owners:

  • Extraordinary General Meeting to constitute the Community of Owners.
  • Registration with the Tax Agency (CIF).
  • Legalization of the Minutes Book before the Property Registry.
  • Opening of a bank current account in the name of the Community of Owners.
  • Registration of utilities (electricity, water, gas, etc.) and maintenance services (cleaning, gardening, etc.).
  • Drafting of Bylaws and Internal Regulations.
  • Preparation of the Initial Contribution Budget.

Administrative and Conservation Management

We take care of all the administrative procedures, always looking after your Community:

  • Drafting and Sending of Circulars, Notices, Minutes, etc.
  • Enforcement of the Bylaws, Rules and resolutions adopted by the Owners’ Meeting.
  • Treasury Management: Bank Accounts and Cash. Payments (invoices) and Collections (receipts).
  • Economic Budget Counseling
  • Immediate attention and advice to Owners.
  • Follow-up of Debtors, Suppliers, Service Companies and Employees.
  • Communications with Public Administrations.
  • Periodic inspection for the Conservation and Maintenance of the Building.
  • Implementation of Energy Saving Systems.
  • Management of breakdowns and claims with the community insurance.

Accounting and tax management. Labor and Legal Advice

We count on professional experts in the legal fields for the peace of mind of the Community:

  • Up-to-date accounting in accordance with PGC and maximum transparency.
  • Monthly reports (or other frequency) at the request of the Board of Directors and the Community.
  • Budget management (period evaluation and expenditure control).
  • Preparation of the Annual Accounts and the Income and Expenditure Budgets.
  • Forms 111, 190 (Withholdings). Form 347 (transactions over 3.005,06€).
  • Forms 303, 390, 184 (VAT and rentals in communal areas), if applicable.
  • Additions, Variations and Retirements (Network System). Contracts, Extensions and Dismissals (SEPE).
  • Social Security Contributions (Red System). Payroll and Wage Payment.
  • Contracting of Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP). Work Accidents and Procedures with the Mutual Insurance Company.
  • Out-of-court collection of debts from delinquent homeowners.
  • Representation of the Community before administrative and judicial authorities.
  • Legal advice for the entire community.

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