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Administrative Procedures

We manage all kinds of administrative procedures, for your convenience:

  • Issuance of NIE.
  • Procedures and formalities with City Councils, Banks, Suppliers, etc.


We are also dedicated to the contracting and management of the insurance you need:

  • Insurance Contracting: Homeowner’s Communities, home, vehicles…
  • Claims management: incidents, breakdowns and repairs.

Tax-Accounting, Labor and Legal Advisory Services

Our professional experts will assist you with your legal and business obligations:

  • PGC Accounting for Companies and Self-Employed and accounting advice.
  • Forms 036, 037 (Census Declarations).
  • Forms 100, 130, 131 (Personal Income Tax).
  • Forms 111, 115, 180, 190 (Withholdings for Personnel, Personal Income Tax, Rentals).
  • Forms 200, 202 (Corporate Income Tax).
  • Forms 303, 390, (VAT).
  • Forms 347, 349 (transactions over 3.005,06€ and intra-community transactions).
  • Integral Labor Counseling.

Economic-Financial Analysis

We are dedicated to analyze your investments and/or businesses. From profitability to solvency:

  • Investment Project Analysis. Economic Value of your Company/Business.
  • Financial Solvency. Cost of Debt and Equity.
  • Economic and Financial Profitability. Margins and Rotations.

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