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Property Management

Constitution of Communities

We take care of all the procedures for the constitution of a Community of Owners.

Administrative and Conservation Management

We take care of all the administrative procedures, always looking after your Community.

Accounting and tax management. Labor and Legal Advice

We count on professional experts in the legal fields for the peace of mind of the Community.

Real Estate Management

Sale and Purchase Management

We take care of the whole process, from visits and offers to the signing before a notary.


We are committed to the entire management of your property in terms of rentals.

Custody and Key Deposit

We will check and guard your property in your absence for your peace of mind and security.

Maintenance and Reforms

We perform both cleaning of your property, as well as reforms with reliable professionals.


Administrative Procedures

We manage all kinds of administrative procedures, for your convenience.


We are also dedicated to the contracting and management of the insurance you need.

Tax-Accounting, Labor and Legal Advisory Services

Our professional experts will assist you with your legal and business obligations.

Economic-Financial Analysis

We are dedicated to analyze your investments and/or businesses. From profitability to solvency.

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